Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Am I Dead?

or died and gone to cycling girl heaven.....

My blogging has not been as prolific over the last few weeks. People have been emailing me asking if I’m dead! It’s not from lack of things happening, just that if I told you, I’d have to kill you. Seriously, it’s been a case of how well can my body hold up to a normal training regime - ok that seems to work; let’s see what happens when we start to raise the bar. It’s 8 weeks til Worlds, and 6 weeks til Coach and I make a final decision about whether its worthwhile me going or not. We’ve already decided what events I’m definitely not doing, as they’ll simply be a case of add 1 cup of water, 1 egg, mix and bake. I’m not prepared to be a pink-iced cake ready for eating by my fellow competitors. The competition will be fierce, aggressive and blistering and my fireproof suit is rather thin at the moment.

Last night I was lucky enough to catch the finals of the men’s team pursuit, the women’s points race (how DID Kate Bates get that ride???) and Anna Meares doing enough to make it through the sprint qualifying rounds. I’m glad McGee was ditched for Luke Roberts in the ride-off for bronze in the TP. The team was tight and smooth, but just not fast enough, with the newly invigorated NZ training strategies obviously paying off. Word is they have been chatting to the Brits, and it seems that they paid attention. And of the Brits themselves: how awesome was their ride? 3:53:314 for a new World Record, taking nearly 3 seconds off the previous record. That’s seriously sub 1 minute kilos, including time for the start. Freakin’ fast, and beautiful to watch.

What was not beautiful to watch was Kate Bates’ D grader ride of the points race. It was frustratingly amateurish for a (former) World Champ in that event. She kept losing position, seemed to lose concentration and focus, and was all over the shop, basically. That’s how I ride on a bad day! And I have a good excuse! There seemed to be no drive or real motivation in her ride, and her attempts at winning points seemed to be just for the hell of it, or like a last minute thought (OYeah, shit, that’s what I’m here for!) How much she wanted to be there, I’m not sure. Perhaps she was just overwhelmed and had stage fright. Who knows, but I think she is capable of much better.

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