Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Racing the Terminator T-1000

Coach has a new game to play. It’s called let’s try out the Computrainer 10mile TT race course with no warm up. Woohoo! Coach’s new toy is courtesy of some of his coaching arrangements, so I get to be a guinea pig in testing it out. So Coach set it up, plugged in all the wires, booted up the laptop, completed the rider data and hit Go! 1 km in I mentioned I’d not done any warm up ie Oh by the way… where is my warm up?? (I was eyeing off the gradient graph at the bottom of the screen and could see ouchsville looming fast). Well, you’re late for your start, was the reply. And then: you had your warm up when we calibrated the bike. O yeah.. I remember: That was the bit where I was pedalling like crazy and the handset kept saying “UP”. Change gear, keep pedalling like crazy. UP! Demands the handset; more pedalling, bigger gear. UP! What MORE??!! Ok ok… pedal pedal pedal. Sheesh, no sympathy for the sick woman!

So off I go, pedalling against the liquid metal cyborg from Terminator #478. He drafts off me – sneaky cheek! Then I get to draft off him, and then, the little metal man takes off – bastard! After 5 km I decide to settle in and just ride the thing, but there is this little bit of agitation niggling at the back of my head, like a rat scratching to get out, knowing the metal cyborg terminator man is in front of me and gaining time. Not happy, being beaten by a cartoon man, and legs that will only work so far. But I was working harder than I have done in the previous month, and didn’t fall off the bike/trainer. That's gotta be good. If my body was up to it, I would have run a repeat. I want one! Terminator show-down looming for the future! Ergo is going to be very boring after this....

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