Tuesday, 29 July 2008

On the come back

Training is slowly heading towards a more normal routine and output. I’m sneaking in a few efforts here and there, and gave myself a bit of a tester on Saturday, which I think blew me out for Sunday unfortunately. But it won’t be long before we can ramp intensity up again, plus volume, and get fully back on track.

Saturday I had an excellent session in the A Go Go Shed, back to pre-virus levels. Even though these sessions are strenuous (gotta love those stiff, brittle hammies for the next day or two) I came away feeling energised. I finished the session jumping on and off the bench box. I was really keen to do this, and was stoked when Marty said, come on Lawrence, let’s jump on the box! Last time was on my birthday and it was a pitiful struggle. This time I easily PBed my jump reps, and had to be dragged off the box kicking, I was having so much fun. Earlier, poor Mr Legs wasn’t too happy when I threw away the medicine ball we’d been passing between us in disgust: “It’s not heavy enough Marty, we need the bigger one!” Mr Legs groaned and rolled his eyes “Marty, get her under control!” as Marty handed me the ball with his trademark cheeky grin. I think Mr Legs still wishes I was totally viral!

We finished Saturday’s training off with a cruise along the Eastern Bike Path and a lap of the Boulie. It probably wasn’t a good idea in hindsight: I saw hills, and a chance to test what I’ve lost and where I am at. Happily, the hills weren’t a major issue, although I didn’t do any big chain ring riding, as I would normally on the Boulie. Fortunately I kept leaving an over-A Go Goed Mr Legs behind on the hills, which gave me the opportunity to stop and wait at the top (ie rest and get my HR down) for him to catch me up. I had a sweet moment rolling up “Challenge Hill”: about midway, sitting on a cruisy and very comfortable 18kph, I turned to find Mr Legs on my wheel. So I kicked up the rpms by a couple of revs, brought my speed up to 20kph in a few strokes and after 20 metres checked behind me again. I had expected Mr Legs to still be there. He wasn’t. I think he actually rolled back down the hill a bit. Ooops.

Sunday was a write-off after, in hindsight, overtaxing myself on Saturday. So lesson learnt: take it easy, don’t get overconfident yet, take that afternoon weekend nap and bugger the housework, eat when hungry (and I was hungry all of Saturday), remember the protein shakes, go to bed before the overtired headache starts. IE be patient gwasshopper.

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