Thursday, 10 July 2008

Of Big Chain Rings and French Champs

I had a little morale booster last night on the ergo in Coach's shed. Why am I still going to ergo when all I am doing is rolling over the pedals in my viral state? To catch up on any goss with Coach of course! And… to make sure I don’t whimp out on a workout. About 20 minutes into the session, I started to get hot, really hot. So hot that as I stripped off the outer layers I was wondering if I was having a pre-menopausal hot flush, considering how freezing the air temperature actually was. 5 minutes later, I was still hot, sweat rolling off me, and my legs were beginning to feel tired. I was struggling to get my rpm over 95. O oh, I thought, here we go, the beginning of the end of this session. Then I looked down. At the big chain ring. And at the chain running over the big ring. I had a bit of a chuckle, a sigh of relief, and realised that I must be slowly getting over this virus for it take so long for me to notice the size of the gear I was pedalling. I gave myself another 5minutes then dropped it onto the small chain ring and finished off the hour pedalling over 100rpm. In reality I wasn’t pushing tall gears, but a week ago I couldn’t have done what I did last night. So I am hoping it won’t be much longer (next week?) before I am getting back into some effective training (and training more than 2 days in a row without having to take a recovery day), and I can start thinking about the next few months training, rather than 1) am I going to be able to make it through the current easy ride and 2) will I feel ok tomorrow?

In other news: Longo wins another national title, this time on the track in the Individual Pursuit. When an older cyclist dominates in such a way, it begins to make you wonder how could that be? Sure Longo is an immensely talented and dedicated athlete, but her capacity for winning this year is beginning to make me question the standard of her native competition. Smack me and call me a cynic if you like! It is easy to slip into the stereotyping of older women, and as a masters athlete, I should know better!

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