Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A little bit of culture

I’m still in not-in-full-training mode, so Mr Legs and I did something quite rare over the weekend – we went to the movies! Between the two of us, we have a few pairs of freebie tickets, as a result of services rendered to cycling, and being special employee of the moment. Finally, on Saturday, an opportunity presented to use them (rain,wind, freezing cold, classic winter in Melbourne), so we took ourselves off to see the latest Batman movie at the local Cineplex. Christian Bale was as boring and flat as ever, trying to be terribly intense but instead managing an excellent impersonation of, well, a cardboard cut out. Thank holy card decks, Batman, for Heath Ledger, who added colour and a touch of brilliance to the movie, and was a real pleasure to watch. The movie is long, but the action and pace carries that time pretty well. Overall I enjoyed it, and loved the goth noir-ness of it all, which is what 21st century Batman movies are about.

On Sunday we saw something a little different to Saturday’s fare: Wicked, or as the tickets indicated “Broadway’s Wicked”. This is important. It took me a while to work out what was with all the American accents. When Glinda the Good comes out with a whiney, nasal Bronx accent, something just doesn’t feel right in the ear. Apart from that one grating element, the show was lush and lavish and smart and clever. Mr Legs and I were sitting in a row of escaped Sex in the City fans, sipping Ozmopolitans from flashing green martini glasses, which made the whole production even more entertaining, and the seating row smell like a trendy cocktail bar.
Very Wicked indeed!

I topped off a weekend of Culture by watching the dvd Tideland yesterday. Don’t believe what Rotten Tomatoes says, it was fascinating and visually stunning and entertaining, if a little warped. Just what the doctor ordered.

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