Thursday, 24 July 2008


Three days training in a row. That's the first time in many weeks. Going for day 4 tonight. Happy? YES!

Bloods back and reviewed by the doctor on Monday show a couple of viruses have been visiting, including EB, plus some vitamin/mineral/amino acid deficiencies. So training is still a day by day thing, but looking better as the days go by, and improving each week (which isn't hard considering!). Trying to work out why, I think it boils down to a mild virus to start with in May, plus an increase in training load by adding the strength and conditioning, and not supporting that increase with diet and recovery. Basically, I let myself get a bit run down, despite feeling really good (invincible), and didn't recognise it (because I was feeling really good/invincible).

11 weeks tils Worlds. The next 6 weeks will be testing: 1) to regain fitness and strength lost, plus add on the bits we needed to add on at this point anyway and 2) getting my body through it all without any relapse. Fortunately we have some strategies in place for # 2 (and #1 as well, but that goes without saying!), based around diet, sleep, and general recovery. I'd love a part-time job that pays full-time but I don't think it will happen anytime soon. I have a funny feeling the next 11 weeks may well be the toughest training I'll have ever done. Coach, bring it on! (but let's start next week??)

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