Friday, 27 June 2008

Week Wrap Up

This week has been one of those ones… a little bit out of wack. I feel like I’ve been running around like the proverbial, maybe because I have. All I can say is thank goodness for this flu bug, because a full training load would have just topped it off.

So, yes I am back on the bike, doing some lighter workouts on the trainer. Cardiovascularly I’m fine, but the muscles are still weak. Hopefully after the weekend I’ll be back to normal (whatever that is!!). Ergo tonight will also test the system out.

Work has been full on this week, with the first week of trimester (we have trimesters, not semesters like the rest of the uni) flat out. That’s pretty normal. But add to the mix a sick horse that was totally immobile for 48 hours (read: water carting, full hand feeding, twice a day visits) and it begins to get a little silly. Fortunately it’s just one mother of a hoof abscess, so now she is medicated (twice a day) and poulticed up (bandage changing every second day) until the heat and swelling goes, and the darn thing blows itself out (ie often through the bulb of the heel or the coronet band – top of the hoof – can be very messy). What this also meant is finding time during the day to go out and buy supplies and get to the mare during daylight hours to be able simply see what is going on. Thank goodness the winter solstice has passed!

So Hippy is now doing the Londres a Paris (today is Day 2, with cobbled sections). Day 1 he came in with the 1st group in a time of 5hrs 42 min. He’ll be really stoked with that. Me, I am one happy, proud coach. I am looking forward to seeing how he backs up today and tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the tough one, not only being Day 3, but also as the road tilts more dramatically upwards.


hippy said...

Well, I certainly rate your coaching service!!

Technically, I was actually the first rider into the finish.. it helped that I hammered it downhill and just happened to be the first rider stuck behind a truck waiting for a light change. Still my claim to fame on day 1! :)

I crashed into a canal during day 2 which made me somewhat infamous through all the bunches! I love the attention though :)
Had a rough day after this and was almost going to move down to G2 with some other riders I knew. In the end I HTFU and started in G1 for the final day. I forced myself up the bunch and found it much easier and much more fun.

I've never done consecutive 200k days and yet I've finished 3 x 200k days and all in Group 1.

Rolling into Paris with full road closure around Arc de Triomphe and along Champs Elysees was unbelievable!

Thanks for all your help getting me to the finish coach! You rock!

Lawrence said...

I'm still waiting for the full story on the canal incident.....

Good work Hipshtar - all those bloody miles (miles NOT kms) you've put in paid off! Glad it was you and not me! hehe.

And wait! There's more to come!! (evil laugh)