Friday, 6 June 2008

Warby Trail by Night

Last night was positively balmy, and tired of sitting on the trainer, I decided that a night ride on the Warby Rail Trail would be fun. Speeds were down due to some areas of low visibility (halogens lights are ok, but luxeons or leds would be better). Mr Legs hadn't charged his battery up, and ran out of quality light early on, meaning I had to hang back on pace to play "light the way" for the majority of the ride. Spotted one small possum, one guy hiding beside a tree (doing what I don't really want to know), the tail lights of one cyclist heading home, and a bunch of scouts at Mt Evelyn (is it Halloween already???).

I'm keen to do this ride again, but Mr Legs wasn't fussed (hint: he is really a grumpy fart) and I am reluctant to ride along the trail on a cold winter's night on my own. Might have to work on some other likely suspects...

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