Thursday, 12 June 2008

Strength in Numbers

Looking at my data file from last night’s return to the Shed of Hellpain, I see I’ve hit my 2nd highest peak 20 min mean maximal power for this year. Highest was at the start of February and equalled at State Champs, with the 3rd highest (as of last night) a week after State Champs. Happy? Definitely. It was achieved during training, rather than race conditions, which means I was probably at 95% rather than 110% (I think I'll pay at Friday night's ergo for admitting that!!).

The other thing to note is that I was doing this level of work for this kind of effort (gear, time, cadence) at the end of my last SE ergo block in January/February (see above!), not the start. So I am starting back where I left off 6 months ago. It means, theoretically I’ve not lost much strength (if any) doing “other stuff” building up to Nationals, and in the 8 weeks of base work since. Currently I don’t feel particularly fresh (and my PMC clearly shows this) or strong, but obviously the strength work I am doing with Marty, plus on the bike, is paying off.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mate, you are not only getting strength in numbers in the shed but also in years. Happy Birthday to Weed. Marls and crew

Lawrence said...

Maybe it's a causal relationship?? years go by, wattages go up!! I wish. Thanks buddy :-)