Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Strategies for Quality Training

Some days you just can't be bothered (fortunately for me, today is not one of those days, although the heavy fog and freezing chill in the air this morning did make me change my mind about riding to work, but that's a different story!). Training sucks, the bike is no longer an extension of your body and a thing of beauty, your legs fight you the whole way. Mr Legs calls training on those days negative training, and he genuinely believes no gains in fitness can be made when training is like that.

I disagree, but sometimes those days can make or break you mentally. This morning this article came through my email inbox, which outlines some really simple (and common sense) techniques for helping lift training out of that ugly rut. I guess it really comes down to training each session with a defined purpose, even if it's only to clear the mind and muscles of built up gunk and residue from the previous day's work and training. Setting one small goal for each session gives you a target, and a sense of achievement, and everyone enjoys winning!

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