Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Racing knocks on my front door

I am currently working out when Mr Legs and I are going to head off to Boolarra this month, in between racing (Eastlink - still deciding), observing races (Shepparton Junior Tour), and training with Marty A Go Go. So, being the multitasker and opportunity maximiser that I am (ie I want to race!) I’ve been browsing the La Trobe City CC calendar, as Warragul shuts down racing until August. As luck would have it, they are actually racing past the front of my house at the end of the month, taking in 2 loops of my very regular Boolarra “quick cheats hill run”: quick and cheats because I literally start the loop at my front door, within 2 km of leaving home start climbing, and am never more than 25km from home. It’s a brilliant little loop that can be equally damaging in reverse, gives you good bang for your training time buck and one I am incredibly familiar with. So when the opportunity comes to race a handicap over it, am I so there! It’s not often you get to roll out the front door, pedal 500m to a race start, and pedal the same 500m back home afterwards. I'll roll 20km along the Morwell River for recovery afterwards, which will make it a nice little ride for a Sunday morning, and one I do every time I head back home.


Penny said...

Lawrence, you decided on the EastLink ride/race yet? earl (BV forum) has reported that there are > 17,000 entries for the various ride options on that day ... so hopefully the race and the recreational 65 km ride stay separate.

I've decided to stay clear of the lot - heading to Kew Bvd TT to post a time for that course instead.


Lawrence said...

Hi Penny.Yes, I've entered Eastlink. It will be fun dodging the Challenge riders and at the end when the whole mob are there!

Good luck at Kew! I'm looking forward to reading your ride report.