Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Game On

Once upon a time, in a land far far away in an event organiser’s dreams, there existed a mighty hill, known to the mountain worshipping hordes as Baw Baw. Now this astute event organiser decided that it would be terrific fun to create a bicycle race that finished on the top of this monumental climb, so that spectators could delight in cyclists, delirious with exhaustion and hypothermia, falling from their machines as they dragged their sorry arses over the finish line.

To make matters more interesting, he thought it would be neat to start the race in the famous Gippsland town of Warragul, taking in the quaint, picturesque villages along the way to the top of the mastodonic hill. This resulted in a 100km of climbing slog, making the Baw Baw Classic, as it came to be known amongst the mountain worshipping hordes, one of the hardest one day cycling road races ever known to the human race, on Planet Earth, ever.

And so it came to pass, that a CSV Office Staffer and triathlete mistook an offhand joke from a CSV Board member and track cyclist, and told both coaches of both athletes her understanding of the joke. The triathlete’s coach then promptly phoned the track cyclist with the words: Game On, you pay for dinner after Baw Baw. So the track cyclist phoned her coach, and queried the feasibility of this misunderstanding. The track cyclist’s coach said it’s 6 months before World (Masters Track), that’s plenty of time to recover – I guess it is on. And I’ll have entrée as well thanks. O Dear said the track cyclist.

Thusly begins the battle between Mad Dog Miller and Endurogirl Maskill to reach the top of the behemoth Baw Baw first, and so making the other’s coach pay for dinner. (read that boys?? Coaches pay for dinner – it’s in the rule book). Game On April 2009. Stayed tuned.


hippy said...

You're nuts! Trackie + Hill?!?!

Lawrence said...

what's this "hill"??? Dontchya mean hillssssss???? Although, in the greater scheme of things, there is only one real hill on that course, even though much of the race is spent climbing to get to the base of it.