Monday, 2 June 2008

Finally, a race finished, and in the places

Saturday morning was in the A Go Go shed once again, this time with Marty saying for each set, Lawrence, use these dumbbells, pointing to increasingly heavier and heavier weights. I knew I was going to be stiff and sore the next day – thanks Marty! We did a great workout though, with one circuit moving from lunges to squats to the bike repeat, no rest. Hey, if it works for Ben Kersten….

After the A Go Go session, it was in the car and off to Picnic Point (near Drouin West) to fulfil marshalling duties. Mr Legs and I got there early, so headed off for a recon lap, and a trip down memory lane going over The Wall: ie it still hurts! Who said it hurts the same, you just go faster?? The Wall is Sheffield Rd’s smaller twin – a bit longer but marginally (just!) less steep on the dial. After one lap, Mr Legs kindly decided that he wouldn’t race (thanks to The Wall) but would do my marshalling duties, freeing me to take up the racing mantle. After an hour with Marty, and a 1.2 km climb plus The Wall x 2, it was going to be interesting afternoon. My aim was to just finish this time.

There were 4 of us in C grade, with me the only woman. We stuck together as a group up the 1.2 km climb straight out of the start gates, were together for The Wall, but then very quickly broke up. Big Paul Kennedy and I led the charge up The Wall, and in the final 10 metres, as my speed washed off and back down the hill, I was overtaken by Richard Bridges (lived up to his name!). He and Paul then dug in over the top of the hill, while I slowly died, so that they got 30 or so metres on me. I tried to bridge across to them, keen for 2 big guys to tow me around the course, but it was not to be, and they finally broke away from me just before the turn onto Jacksons Track. I soloed for a few km, then Dave “Axman” Axford caught me (to my surprise) and we worked together to finish the 1st lap. As we hit the long climb again, Dave slid off my wheel, so rather than wait up, I swung into a good rhythm and rolled up the hill, then dragged myself over The Wall for the last time. I couldn’t see Dave behind me, so dug in and kept the pace on, hoping to keep him away for as long as possible, thinking he would eventually catch me again on the back straight. I wanted to make him work for that catch, and hopefully max out his credit card doing so. As it turned out, I lost sight of him altogether and as I hit the home straight, realised I had 3rd place in the bag, mechanicals notwithstanding.

So, finally I finish a road race, and actually gain a placing as well (so what for the small field, a place is a place ;-P). I’m pretty happy with that, mainly because I did it on the back of a very solid hour with Marty, proving to myself that I am getting stronger, and coping better with the shed workouts.


hippy said...

Nice work! Richo is still trying to get me to race. :)

Lawrence said...

Thought you were racing cyclos?? ;-P