Monday, 30 June 2008

Another pleasant weekend in the country

If I didn't have a crammed schedule to keep and a list of must-dos, then yes another relaxing weekend at the country residence!

Saturday started with being nurse-aid to my mare, then we headed off for a weekend in the wilds of the Strezleckis. Once we got there and unpacked the car it was straight on the bikes, over the regular training route. This was also a bit of a trial run for how I might cope with the LCCC handicap over the same course the next day. After clearing the extreme 180 degree left hand turn from Limonite Rd onto Grand Ridge (I reckon its about 20%, all 10 metres of it), I suffered a mini nose bleed. The only time my nose bleeds is if it gets whacked hard ie once in a lifetime. I stopped and waited up for Mr Legs. His comment: well what do you expect when you’re going out so freaking hard? HUH?? I felt slow and sluggish, my speeds were about average (what I would expect) and I had been thinking any racing was not going to happen for me. Funny how perception works; I didn’t think Mr Legs was that unfit! ;-P

Anyway, I felt ok, just not capable of sustained race pace. I pulled up well, and felt ok the next day for a repeat performance, a good sign that The Virus is on its way out. We had a hectic schedule on Sunday, so house duties took a priority over bike duties for the morning. I ended up mowing the front lawn while the race went by, 4 small groups. I actually pined a bit, giving Mr Legs plenty of opportunity to stir crap out of me. I managed another stint on the bike just before getting a load of hay and making it back to Melbourne in time to play vet nurse with the mare again, and stack the bales of hay before dark. It’s always hard leaving Boolarra – the quiet roads are a treat to ride on, plus easy access to decent hills, and some lovely scenery. I guess that’s the compromise of needing a decent job to pay the bills.

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