Thursday, 1 May 2008

Watts in review

I’ve finally downloaded my recent rides into WKO, and after a week off the bike, apart from my Training Stress Balance skyrocketing up off the graph (check out that yellow line!! From – 30 to +24!), my mean maximal wattages from Saturday’s bash along the Yarra Boulevarde are the highest they have been since my January strength efforts on the ergo. After beginning to secretly worry that my training/performance was going backwards (sorry Coach) over the last 4-6 weeks, I can see I was just tired. Hindsight and rest are wonderful things.

I am going to dummy up some files for my races in Sydney to pop into WKO, to help break up those smooth flat lines in the Performance Manager. I have no data from 16-24 April. With a week off, this is partly unavoidable, but it also means I have 4 days of important data missing, thanks to being “powerless” (haha) on the track bike.

I caught myself several times riding home yesterday glancing at the PT, checking what watts I was putting out, knowing I was meant to be working within certain zones, rather than just letting the route do it’s thing in taking care of my efforts. I’m becoming more aware of watts rather than HR, and of actually working during rides, rather than “knowing” a particular ride will put me in a particular HR zone. It's also useful when riding uphill into headwinds (as I was yesterday afternoon). Such impedances are no longer to be dreaded, but become numbers on my PT poota, coloured lines on the WKO graph, data points on maximal power graphs, scores to be achieved, PBs to be collected, fatigue registered, performances calculated and accounted for – little daily fetishes for control freaks and the obsessed. My upcoming road races are not competitions but opportunities for data gathering and adding to my growing collection of data files. I guess some people would just call this training!


Colin Griffiths said...

"PBs to be collected, control freaks, obsessed" ~ no never! Racing is just incidental these days, cycling just exists within a bubble of WKO!!

Lawrence said...

Hail the great idol of WKO Colin hehe ;-D Truly, I don't know how I survived without it. It's all Liz's fault for making me buy a PT!