Friday, 23 May 2008

This is a joke right??

A report in today’s CyclingNews notes that Gerolsteiner’s Andrea Moletta’s father has been detained by police for transporting a very large quantity of Viagra (82 boxes) plus other “unidentified” substances whilst heading to the Giro d'Italia. Perhaps in response, or perhaps not, Gerolsteiner has removed Andrea Moletta from the Giro d’Italia.

What is interesting about this is the reported use of Viagra for improving performance at altitude – cycling performance that is. Apparently some people who do not immediately respond well to altitude do have positive (normalising) improvements after using Viagra. I’m sure their partners will agree.

But think about it: riding a TT such as the one on Monday from San Vigilio di Marebbe to Plan de Corones heading from 1,200 up to 2,273 metres above sea level with a raging hard on – how can that be effective for race performance?

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