Monday, 5 May 2008

Road Race #1: Cloverlea Handicap

For the first time in a while, I had a very relaxing weekend. Usually a weekend spent in Boolarra is hectic/frantic – too much to do, too little time to do it, with several hours lost to just getting there and back each day. This weekend, I couldn't be bothered and just wanted to enjoy being there! It was mission accomplished.

Friday night, I suggested to Mr Legs we stop on the way down on Saturday to race with our club, Warragul. It’s been well over a year (if not much longer) since I’ve raced with the club, and I am keen to get in some racing with them this season, mainly because of the shorter distances (<50km)> It's our only flat course.

Mr Legs and I were in the limit trio, with Dave “The Axe” Axford. Karen Munro was the only other woman racing, and she was in the next group at 6 minutes, where I really should have been (if not for the bigger group to ride with). Limit was at 12min, and in the end, that was about 2 minutes too many for them ( I think they were have an easy day). We started off in heavy rain – basically we rode into it. Fortunately it only lasted a lap, but it set me up to ride hard, mainly just to keep warm! A few km in and on the first hill, Mr Legs was up front taking his turn, but was too slow for my happy pace. I rolled on by, and by the time I’d reached top of that climb, both Dave and Mr Legs were off the back, and I was out the front, winning the race. After the hills and onto the (falsely) flat back straight, Dave caught up with me after I slowed a bit, and we swapped turns all the way into the hill section Lap 2.

As we rolled through corner 1, Lap2, I was off the back of Dave, and said cheerily to the corner marshall: I’ll get him on the hill! The corner marshall looked at me saying to himself, o yeah.. riiiiiiiiiiiiight. I’m sure he even rolled his eyes. Silly man, he’d have lost his money if he cared to take a bet. I rode away from Dave again in the hills, but was already well into the spewzone as I did. I spent the rest of the lap deciding to attempt lap 3 or not. By the time we’d reached the final corner, my guts were in a really bad way, so I waited up for Dave to hook back on (there is a small rise before the corner where I dropped him), told him I was bailing, and offered him a tow to the finish line, which he took. I finished myself off in the final km to keep speed up for Dave, and to make bailing more than worthwhile. I was surprised when the 6minute group finally did come through – we were just under 2 minutes in front of them ie they had gained 2 minutes per lap, and if I’d been able to sustain my pace (in reality: unlikely – later I discovered I was redlining my HR the whole way ie a 45 minute E3b -E4 effort Coach) I may have just managed to take out the race. But that’s conjecture, and I was happy for the PT data (a pseudo FTP test) and the hit out, not to mention I was winning the race for 2 laps ;-) , with big stints soloing off the front into the wind and rain. I took your advice Hippy! (but not intentionally). Mr Legs finished the race, a point which was well -noted by the Chief Comm when announcing winners, against my DNF. Thanks for rubbing that in Ross ;-). I think there may have been a mention of "soft", but I can't really recall, somehow. All credit, however, to Mr Legs, considering his training mainly consists of a lot of talk on the couch.

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hippy said...

"Warning: Listening to the hippy can be harmful to your health." :)

I barely got close to spewzone during the TT although I'd pre-warned Ed about the possibility of him slipping on my "kebab revisit".. ;)