Thursday, 29 May 2008

A Regular Working Week

In amongst all the excitement and glamour of being a masters athlete, there come periods of humdrum, menial routines of train, work, eat, train, sleep, train, work, eat, train, sleep....

Boring but it's the guts of what we do. And I'm doing it. So this week has been rather tame, as will next week and the week after I'm sure. It's the hard bit of training, because it's not that exciting, but it still hurts. Riding to work more regularly has sparked things up a little, and means I don't have to drag my butt home trying to psych myself up to train, because, well, I've already done it by the time I do get home. Sweet!

Some encouraging signs are the rising bar graphs on my power profile. Means something is working I guess!

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