Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Power Profiling

Playing with my power profile today, the shape of my profile has changed in the last 3 mths from a classic V shape (a wtf shape, supposedly "highly unlikely" according to this article on power profiling), to a flattish inverted V ie the profile of a pursuiting type. Which just goes to show how adaptable the body is, and you get what you train. Now all I need to do is move those little data points out of the "what?? you are still cycling???!!!" range into the "rocket racer" range.


Alex Simmons said...

I have the "WTF" power profile as well. :D

hippy said...

I think mine goes up to the right which makes me a TT'er or a roadie:

"(/) Distinctly upsloping plot (again, esp. between 1 min and 5 min, but also somewhat between 5 min and functional threshold power): the classical time-trialist pattern, i.e., weak in neuromuscular power and anaerobic capacity, but with a relatively high aerobic power and especially a high lactate threshold. While such athletes may improve their performance by working on their weaknesses, this may not necessarily be true if it results in a decline in their strength, which is sustainable power."

Does that mean I'm just fat now and without a "sprinter's build? Doh!

Lawrence said...

Alex: so what does that mean?????? After an explosive start you die in the proverbial but make a late comeback and finish strongly once you get past 10-15 or so minutes of effort?? 8-s

Hip: you're a sprinter in fatboy's body (run fatboy run!!)?? ;-) but I actually think you're a hill-eating enduro in a wanna be sprinter's body, more to the point. Remember, hammering at traffic lights will lift your neuromuscular.. and I've been saying back off, keep it steady so you can finish 3 back to back alpine classics, rather than the commuter olympics. You get what you train...

hippy said...

I watched Run Fatboy Run last weekend. Mal got it from her work.

I now class myself as a Rouleur (no, not the magazine:

I still hammer past anyone/anything but I'm running a fairly low gear (48x19) so I spin along fast rather than brute strength it away from lights.