Thursday, 22 May 2008

Hell Just Froze Over

Why did I ride to work this morning? If I didn’t have light failure yesterday (10 minutes into my ride) I wouldn’t have had to endure the blood-freezing cold this morning ie weekly commute to work+ long training ride accomplished. The first 30 minutes of the ride were pleasant enough, but as I reached the Dandenong Creek path, the chill began to smother me; my fingers began to suffer that screaming pain as blood and nerves freeze through, and your hands become useless, unflexing, numb paddles on the end of your arms. 15 minutes later my toes began to follow – there goes my 3 year track record for avoiding chilblains.

The middle 30 minutes were slow and painful. Slow because my body and brain were beginning to stop functioning properly, and the bike path was black bitumen (poor visibility). The final 30 minutes were a relief (kind of) –I was back on the road and moving the blood around my body again, but I had to keep telling myself to focus and stay alert. I’ve been at work 3.5 hours now and I am still recovering from the bone-snapping cold. It will probably take me til lunchtime to start feeling normal. So much for thermal gloves and windstopper thermal socks. I think the only thing that saved me was my neck warmer which I wore up to my nose. During the coldest moments this morning, I was thinking of Hippy in London, riding in the snow and wondering how the hell he does it. Apparently it was the coldest morning since August last year (don’t ya just love meteorological records?? The coldest this, the hottest that, the driest, the wettest). It was 3 degrees when I got to work, according the The Age online, but it would have been colder out my way, and particularly along the creek path.

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hippy said...

It's coz I'm fookin' 'ard I am!

That and the fact I'm carrying 20kg of excess insulating material..

Weather is not looking good for Wessex. Doh!