Friday, 30 May 2008


Hippy comment stolen from rollapaluzza cycling club forum:

"Yeah, I finished all three days.. yesterday made last year's "epic" Dunwich Dynamo feel like a frickin commute! Trees were down across the road, motorbikes were stalling in the middle of streams of water going across the road, there was a 25% descent and even with brakes locked on I was still beating the 'new river' that had formed on the roadside! Fucking mental!"


Day 1: 156th from 792 finishers (5:42:08) Distance: 153k, 2297m
Day 2: 214th from 426 finishers (7:00:37) Distance: 166k, 2264m
Day 3: 58th from 121 finishers (6:19:19) Distance: 160k, 3069m
Overall: 46th from 97 finishers (19:02:04)

Awesome work Hipshtar! Four weeks until Londres a Paris.... Looking good :-)

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hippy said...

Mental toughness is there.. I just need to get the legs to catch up. :)