Monday, 26 May 2008

Grit your teeth and bear it

It was our 23th climb of the day, I’m sure, and my quads and glutes were at failure point. You do realised there is a more direct way to Deep Creek Rd than this bullshit way you’ve taken us, I snapped at Mr Legs. He just grunted and said you can go that way if you want, pointing towards Maroondah Highway. If it had been just the two of us, I would have left him and headed out into the traffic. But Mr Univac was with us, and deciding to be civilised, rather than being the ripyerbloodyarmsorf person I was feeling like, I shut up and followed, snarling with the pain, to myself.

It’s not the first time I’ve gotten sulky and surly and felt like pushing people off their bikes when I’ve been hurting out on the road training. It won't be the last. Pity it rarely happens when I’m racing. Why is that?

Saturday was another session in the A Go Go shed, this time with a couple of rowers. Those rowing gals are serious, and seriously scary. Or perhaps I am truly a weed. Anyway, a couple of rounds leaping out of squats, bouncing at the top of squats with hefty dumbbells in hand, throwing medicine balls around, bench pressing, cable twisting, jumping on boxes with weights got my legs into fatigue zone, ready for a couple of hours riding in the afternoon – not. I had planned to ride over to the A Go Go shed, but another frosty morning was a good excuse to opt out. Next time I’ll suffer the pain of early morning artic chills than do my ride after an S& C session – it’ll be less painful in the long run!

Sunday’s ride transitioned from 75km “cheese” ride around Gruyere etc, to a Kinglake ride, to a city loop ride, finished off with some short nasty hills in the final 15 or so km home. After Saturday’s efforts, and some big chain ring work into the city and over the Boulie, by the time we were well into the hills behind Deep Creek Rd, my legs were shot, and I was annoyed that my legs were shot. My only redemption was that the last few weeks’ strength work has done just that – made me resilient enough that I can keep pushing the watts out, through gritted teeth. Being pissed off helps!

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