Friday, 16 May 2008

Excuse #1046

I love the concept of excuses. When people expect a level of performance, and you fail to deliver, they demand an excuse: What happened?? What was going on out there?? So you provide one, or two, or even a couple if they are small ones, because accumulated they equal one big one. But of course, providing an excuse (or several) is then usually derided ie that’s just an excuse! You’re full of excuses! It’s a no win situation.

And so it was last night. Let’s put this into perspective: it’s club racing, mid-week club racing. I’m doing a strength training block (read no legs); club racing is just training. What’s the big deal if I can only hold a 100m attack this week? Why do I need to excuse myself for racing poorly? Please, just accept it and get over it. It happens, I’m training.

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