Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Country Road Champs

At last the final entries and schedule are up for the Metro and Country Road Champs this weekend. Women's entries are looking good, particularly for the Country's, with 5 Masters women entered (only 3 for the Metros).

We race at 11.25 am, with the Masters 5/6/7 men and the U19 women. Great - Carly McCoombe and Shannon McCurly, Marquessa Jelabart etc etc. You get the idea ie I need to buy a second pair of legs - one pair for each lap of the course!

The forecast is excellent: wind, rain and a top of 15. At least we shouldn't get the hail forecast for the Metros on Saturday - suffer in your nix Metro riders :-)

I have no idea of what to expect, not having ridden the course before, and with my limited recent road racing experience. I'm sure Mrs Coach will have some advice.... I'll be bringing out the Eurus and also using the powertap to get some data. I'm assuming this is the same course that will be used for the Masters Road Champs in August. Better bring a change of very warm clothes, a thermos of soup and a towel!


Anonymous said...

Mrs Coach says if its raining stay in the car. NO get out there and use those Under 19 girls, they can cart you around twice quite easily. I just might follow with a themos of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Don't you just love road racing, I didn't. Think smart like I would, sit on. Luv Mrs Coach

Lawrence said...

You'd better bring a chupachup too cos I'm gunna be the biggest sucker out there - in more ways than one! hehe I know those U19s can cart me around no worries! Thems strong gals! It's me I'm worried about ie being able to hang on to their straps so they can do their job of giving me a good ride ;-)