Monday, 19 May 2008

1 Lap Wonder or 15 pursuits in a row.

Well it’s official, I am truly a track rider. I just can’t hack even short road races these days. I made only 1 lap of the Castlemaine circuit of the Country Rd Champs, and it wasn’t even freezing cold, and raining melted snow as it was the day before for Metros. It was windy however, and combine that with the surging pace from the get go and the hills, well, let’s just say it hurt. And I’m still hurting from it.

I was dropped 3 km into the 30 km loop. My only consolation is that I saw the Elite Men’s race totally fracture at exactly the same point in their race ie 3km into the first lap. Fortunately not long after 2 other women were shelled, and I had 2 rabbits to chase, about 500m apart. I passed one of them about 8 km later climbing the hill just before Guilford. I’d seen the course profile and thought this was the nasty hill, and was quite chuffed with myself for having hammered it so well. Little did I know….

Riding through Guilford, my passed rabbit caught back up to me and I towed her to the turn off to head back towards the Pyrenees Highway. As we turned left I looked up and saw a huge wave of road bearing down on me. I realised that the Guildford climb was nothing and I had more joy to come. The second climb on the Yapeen Rd nearly had me – I was off the bike and seeking solace in the spares van. Fortunately it was full of DNFs (lots of punctures yesterday) so I got back on the bike and kept riding. I was demolished. My left hip was shorting out, I was in pain, I was beginning to hit the spew-zone and I wanted out. But, in the end, I’m glad I was able to get back on and keep going.

I crawled through the next section of the climb, which totally finished me. I could barely pedal the downhills, I was that feeble and pathetic. The final 5 km were even more pathetic, I was totally drained. I’d just finished 15 back to back pursuits. As I pulled into the finish line, Coach was laughing at me. I don’t blame him.

The State Masters Road titles are over this same course in 14 weeks. I’m tempted to take the soft option and just forget about it, but I’m also curious as to how much fitness I can gain to race this course in 3 months time. Climbing hills in training is one thing, and something I usually enjoy, one way or another. Multiple hills with a headwind at race pace is a separate animal, another genus of riding. Let’s see if I can tame that beast and make 2 laps in August at least.

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hippy said...

Gawd.. hope Wessex report doesn't sound anything like this. I've got no "I'm a trackie" excuse! :S