Friday, 11 April 2008

What was that blur that just went by?

Well it wasn't me, cos I was stationary! But I was pumping out some new PB figures this morning doing sprint efforts on a 53 x 15 (95.4"). I managed a new max land speed/trainer record and a pb in rpms. Average watts per effort were also up, but the higher cadence, and bigger gear (= more speed) account for that. When I saw 170 rpm in WKO, I figured the PT had done one of it's funny quirk data recordings, but when I checked the raw data, it was in the middle of some 160's, so I am claiming it.

So, asks Coach, why were you doing sprint efforts this morning, when you have ergo tonight???! I was meant to do them Wednesday, but my legs were dead. Any rpm figure over 90 was a stint in the dungeon with a rotting cadaver (but gees I climbed ok!). Yesterday my legs were trashed from the myotherapy session on Wednesday night, so it was an easy rollover session, but this morning, they were a smokin'!

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