Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tapping the power

I’ve not spoken much about training with the PowerTap, despite having consistently using it now since Feb 2. I’ve not had much to report, apart from new PBs in wattage outputs, thanks to limited accumulated data. But now I have a small bank of data that allows the Performance Manager Chart to be more meaningful. I’ve been playing around with it for a few weeks, trying to work out if a Training Stress Balance (TSB) of -10 is really how I feel today, or do I feel more like a -20. And .. trying to work out what does -10 really mean in terms of fatigue????

After pumping in my data from the weekend rides, my TSB yesterday was -30. And I reckon that’s about how my legs felt. So I think I’ve finally got it about right. -30 is probably not an ideal number to be sitting on at the start of Nationals week*, but even today it’s lifted 9 points. I reckon by Thursday it should be around -10 (that’s including carlag after around 10 hrs of driving), although still not ideal (positive numbers please!) . At States the TSB was on -5, and I was able to do some hard efforts on that figure, so am I not worried. For Worlds it will definitely be in the positive though.

I have a week off the bike after nationals, so I plan to do some Functional Threshold Power testing that weekend, when I’ll be fresh as, with a drop in the chronic training load (which is about 80 now), and a rise in the magic yellow TSB line. I am also toying with racing at Lang Lang on the Sunday for a similar reason ie I’ll be fresh and can use Lang Lang for the testing. It’s been a couple of years (3??) since I raced that course and all I remember is being dropped very early on, and the long slog home over the many hills, with Mr Legs looking after me. It would be good to see how my memory matches up with a fitter, current experience of it. I also haven’t done a road race since June last year. Some things need to change!

I probably won’t post again til next week, unless I get the urge to find an internet café in Sydney. My goals are to ride with a racing brain at all times, to ride to the plan, control the 1st 2 laps of the pursuit, PB in the pursuit and hit 41 sec for the TT, get the gearing right for my legs, keep relaxed, calm and focused, and have fun! Nerves haven’t really hit me yet, and probably won’t until I ride the boards at Dunc Grey tomorrow afternoon in training. Hopefully I won’t have an attempt on my riding life this time by some kamikaze guy from the western state launching himself high off the fence at me! Better add “stay upright” to my goals.


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