Monday, 28 April 2008

Shake n Bake

Dear Coach

The online entry system is down and I’ll have to wait until the end of the week to enter the Country Rd Champs.




It’s been bugging me, that incident with Trudy VDS passing on the duckboad in my scratch race at Nationals. Reading the tech regs again today, anything below the black line ie the blue duck board, is NOT part of the racing surface. Riders may only overtake other riders by passing above them on the track, unless there is a reasonable space underneath in which to overtake safely (which does not mean you can use the duckboard). And of course, using the duck board to gain advantage is open to penalty.

Yesterday I was at DISC for the final afternoon in the latest Women’s Track Skills Program. We cannot run these programs without support of CSV, and the ongoing work and commitment of coaches such as Joe Schibeci, David James, Brad Robins, Gary Jennings, Mark Niewand. We deliberately had smaller numbers this time, and I think this made the program more effective for both riders and coaches. Yesterday we finished up the enduro group with some fun skills stuff whilst waiting for the sprint group to do their stuff on the track. Not only did it keep everyone warm in the chilly shed, but also had an immediate effect improving confidences and lighting brain bulbs for some. It also gave us coaches a bit of a giggle. I am really stoked we can provide these small opportunities for riders to practice new things, gain more self-belief and develop confidence. I’m also sure these outcomes will manifest as better (quality) women’s racing, more women racing and more opportunities for us to race.

I also had the added bonus of some great feedback, mentoring and a few tips for future scenarios from regaling my efforts in the National’s scratch race particularly, yesterday. Paul Parker saw the race and made a few comments that gave me some insight into my ride, as well as a few pointers for the future. MiniMeCoach gave me a quick fix for keeping the advantage from the bottom of the track, as well as a couple of insights as to other people’s reactions to me on the track. Sometimes you just gotta be told… and I’m glad (and lucky) that people are telling me, and things are making sense and beginning to gel. It’s all about the mojo, and the mojo is in the making …I'm learning how to shake n bake. Mrs Coach will be pleased. Maybe she'll recruit me for her basketball team?

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