Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Road Racing

Dear Coach

I've now entered the Country Rd Champs.

I feel sick.




hippy said...

Road racing eh?

I'm thinking about buying this Trek and with my new-found performance maybe entering some races.. maybe..

Lawrence said...

Yeah but shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone. Anything longer than 10minutes and I get bored. Apparently it will improve my pursuiting which is why I am rd racing this winter. It's been so long I've forgotten how to do it ie sit in and wait.. and wait.. and wait... suck wheel, save energy, suck wheel save energy.

hippy said...

If you're not taking it seriously then I think you should apply your track tactic to the road.. off the front, stir 'em up, annoy the sprinters, make everyone work. :)
I can't believe I'm saying that.. maybe I don't like wheel sucking so much these days?