Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Pleasant Morning Commute

First commute to work on the new shorter, quicker route, except it wasn’t that much shorter, mebbe about 6 km each way, but that’s enough. Definitely it took me half an hour less in terms of ride time. For the first time ever, I rode the loony bike to work instead of the half a tonne mtb, which probably had something to do with the decrease in saddle time. After doing weights for the first time since last year on Monday, my muscles are complaining… and they complained all the way to work this morning, combined with a backpack and the cold (4 degrees or something stupid like that) it made for a testing ride. But.. it was great to be out on the bike, riding when the plebs (and Mr Legs) would have just been tucking into their weeties.

I was pleasantly surprised with the traffic, the worst section being Mount Dandy Rd, heading west, just before the bike lane kicks in. I expected Ferntree Gully Road to be a hell ride, but the traffic was brilliant, and I had no issues for the 3 or so km I was on it. Somehow, drivers seemed to actually realise there were two other lanes to use – thank you for the space! I even managed to find a detour to avoid THAT hill on FTG Rd at Wheelers Hill. Still had some climbing to do, longer than the climb I was avoiding, but with a less savage gradient (about 4% I reckon), pseudo bike lane and less traffic. Sweet!

It will be interesting to compare the return trip this afternoon, as it will be during the 150 minutes of peak hour. I’ll take a tootle thru the burbs to avoid FTG Rd, as the volume of traffic will be greater. Sometimes safety just has to take priority, particularly when my chicken meter starts to head into the red.

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