Monday, 28 April 2008

Not Training

Well, I’ve finished reading Krabbe’s “The Rider” and I’ve started on Ron Clarke’s “The Measure of Success”. Clarke has some interesting things to say about the Mexico Olympics, that somehow ring a very loud bell in this current Olympic year. History shadowing, if not repeating. I agree with Clarke in that the Olympics are incredibly political, and organisers (IOC, AOC etc) work very hard at burying the political beneath a garden bed of sporting endeavours. And needless to say, I'm enjoying the time and lack of fatigue-induced brain fade enough to be able to read complete books.

Apart from reading, I did no training over the ANZAC day long weekend. I did, however, a bike recon of the new Eastlink bike path 1) to see how much of it was now open for use (as opposed to being officially open, road included) and 2) if it really would take off some excess kms from my current commute route to work, which weighs in at a smidge under 80kms round trip. Mr Legs and I discovered that enough of the route was accessible and it should shave off about 10 km each way, making regular commutes each week more realistic. This will mean I spend less time apparently training ie during “home time”, whilst actually getting in some good road and base kms during the week ie silent kms that free up (some of ) my evenings = more sleep! Yay!!

Saturday I tested out my shiny newly installed chain on the Boulevard. Mr Legs said I needed to put some load on it to stretch it, to settle it in, meaning big chain ring riding. No problems… I only slotted into the small chain ring on the long climb back on the return leg around the golf course, and being sneaky, er tactical, on “Challenge Hill” ie the last climb before heading over the freeway bridge to return to Chandler Highway. Actually I had fun with this climb. Mr Univac decided he was up for a bit of a sprint, so I hooked onto his wheel, then jumped around him with Mr Legs on my wheel about 1/3rd of the way up. 2/3rds of the way up, sick of dragging sprintboy along, I backed off enough to force Mr Legs around me (ie I braked). As he passed I grabbed his wheel and then I just waited until he backed off, tiring from the effort. I didn’t have to wait long. I dropped a gear then hit it to go clear for my first victory over Mr Legs across the top of the hill.

But, of course, I wasn’t training cough cough. Training starts tonight. It’s in my program.

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