Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Looking towards Nationals

Scanning the entries for National Masters Track, it looks like we may have enough entries for WMAS2 and WMAS3 to compete within their own age categories, rather than in combined divisions, which is the norm. Hopefully the organisers will see the light and support women’s racing by keeping to the age categories wherever possible, as happened at States. In my own category, we have 7-8 depending on the event, with similar numbers in WMAS2. Numbers are down in the scratch/points which is usually the case, so I suspect we’ll be allocated divisions for this event.

At the beginning of last week, straight off the back of States, I was mentally flat and drained and physically tired, trying to keep a lurgy at bay. I had anticipated being keen and eager to smash through the fortnight of training between States and Nationals, but last week if someone had given me an out ticket for Nationals, I would have taken it. This week however, looking at the entries I am excited again, having spent some time last week reminding myself of my goals, what I want to achieve at this meet, as well as sorting myself out mentally in preparation for hitting the boards with a quiet determined confidence.

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