Monday, 7 April 2008

How fast am I going?

After discovering the joys of Sheffield Rd, I headed off to DISC to help out with the latest edition of our track skills program for women. This one is to take what we’ve done before a little bit further, with more focus on specific disciplines. Four weeks is still not enough, but will give the women an idea of what to focus on.

I put a new wireless speedo on the track bike (and pursuit bars) Saturday night, and managed to get in a couple of flying kilos in on Sunday afternoon. It really made a huge difference being able to glance down to check speed (I have a target speed I’m aiming to achieve over the next 12 mths. I’m not far off it, but far enough off it that it will take some hard work to hit it consistently without needing a vomit bag and/or coffin at the end). Coming off the bank at 47 kph and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to hold it for 4 laps, allowing the bike to roll down to my current IP race speed, then hold that for lap 2, then lift to the target speed for the final 2 laps was much easier with a readout in front of me ie instant feedback on whether I was actually doing what I thought I was doing and what I wanted to achieve. I should have done it last year, but then, I’ve learnt a great deal in that time, that I am glad I didn’t have it. Now I can use it and my powertap to fine tune my training sessions on the track and road. Such a simple thing, that provides so much detail/feedback in real time, I do feel like a bit of a dill for not putting one on sooner.

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