Thursday, 10 April 2008

The fully employed, point 8 athlete

I had a bit of a chuckle reading Mdm Hr's latest post, apart from the hideous reference to running (I think senility may be finally making an appearance, as we all know how evil running is, and being an ex duathlete myself), it reminded me of my own weekly antics. In particular, after my ride yesterday morning, I was at the computer, brushing my teeth and downloading my PT data into PowerAgent to transfer to my usb stick to take to work to put into WKO+. While the machine was booting up and preparing itself for the arduous task of downloading, and then actually downloading (it's a slow aging beastie) I was flying around getting work clothes and lunch ready, all with toothbrush in mouth. Let's just call it multi-tasking.

And so it goes.. the life of a working "elite" (masters) athlete. A non-stop festorama of timelines, schedules, juggling work demands, domestic demands (partners, animals, dustbugs, whose turn it is to cook, o crap mine!), training and racing demands (including preparation of equipment, food, clothing, lights [!!] etc) coach demands (don't be so soft, you need to do more kms, hills, strength work, speed work, core work and clean that bike!!), blah blah blah. We all do it. Well most of us do it. Those masters competitors who are lucky enough to be self-employed, employed part-time or with flexible work arrangements, and those ultra lucky enough to be retired or kept are not that common but the subjects of great envy. The rest of us muddle along, some more successfully than others. Every now and then we crack it, buck up against the demands we place on ourselves living such a life, or begin to crack under the pressure of subtle underminings by put-upon, disaffected friends, family and partners, or plain lack of sleep/rest/recovery.

When that next PB comes along, it makes all the shit worthwhile.


Colin Griffiths said...

I can tick all the same boxes EXCEPT the teeth brushing skills. I will have a word with my training partner and see if adding that to our training plan will gain us elite status as well!

Lawrence said...

The trick is not to spill any froth/paste whilst doing other things and walking around ;-)