Monday, 10 March 2008

Women's racing - yawn

Watching the women’s A grade scratch on Sunday, it was neat, tidy and controlled with the girls single file, swapping their turns as though warming up. It was all very staid and boring. Admittedly the bunch was only small ie 8, but it’s not called racing for nothing. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a little outside the box, or I have low level ADD (joke), but riding a prim and proper race like a bunch of well-behaved Victorian school girls not wanting to chip a nail or smudge their mascara is just tedious. When I ride like that I feel very negative and depressed about my riding and my ability to be competitive. Maybe it’s different for me, because I don’t have a strong sprint to finish and place, so I can play around inside the race to change the dynamics. I'm not racing to win, I am racing to practice racing. One thing that Coach and Mini Me Coach have repeatedly said to me is that nothing is learnt just sitting in the bunch counting laps down. I am annoyed at myself because I wasted a good racing opportunity on Saturday night, but very happy with my efforts on Sunday. I am really chuffed when the girls complain to me afterwards about the hurt I added to the race because I’ve taken off yet again. And I know, as a spectator, any kind of action is better than none, even if it's that silly woman taking off again mid-race.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, the best women's race I've watched was my own race at Worlds last year. It was thoroughly aggressive and relentless, and exciting to watch. Even the (male) commentator got excited, and that's saying something.

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