Thursday, 6 March 2008

Woman Buys Dress

Yes, I've bought a dress! Now for people who know me, this may seem a complete oddity and form of mental breakdown or personality disorder. But I've been spotted at work wearing a skirt every now and then, so it does happen. The dress is actually for a Special Occasion TM. ie the Annual CSV Awards night, which is tomorrow week. Mr Legs is boycotting, so I've organised a Hot Date. I'm looking forward to the gossip and rumour-mongering that will succeed the night. The Austral is the next day, as is the Preston Junior Carnival, so perfect opportunities for gossip to germinate and flower. I just hope he finds a nice tie, and one without novelty or cartoon characters on it.

Anyway, the dress. It's kinda cute, and I had a very hard time deciding between it and a more sophisticated/elegant strapless number, but being paranoid about exposure accidents as I am, I chose the cute 50's style number: sleeveless, plunging neckline, big skirt. Both were on sale, which made me feel very clever for saving several hundred dollars. Or rather, I wouldn't have paid the original price in a pink fit. I still may return and buy the other dress anyway, because you never know when you will need a little black strapless dress.

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