Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Then and now

It’s interesting reading over my posts from a year ago, when I was preparing for my first nationals with my new coach – excited that after a couple of years of trying to get there (with work getting in the way) I’d finally make it, nervous about making a fool of myself, not hitting target times and being a complete failure ie some fake ring-in pretend cyclist, disappointing everyone who supported me. I’ve since learnt that’s not what it’s about, not important, but being there on the day, on the boards is.

It was good to read those early posts, and made me realise where I’ve been, how far along I’ve come (and haven’t) and how much closer I am to where I want to be, which might not be where I wanted to be a year ago (I haven't decided yet!). A lot has happened, some things have changed, including my attitude and approach to training (hungrier, more focused). This time the Teschner is ready and well-worn in. My IP time won’t be much different, sub 3 minutes again at least, but not much more than that; but I am more self-assured about what has to be done, more confident about racing, I am healthier, and physically stronger, and I haven’t pissed Mr Legs off totally yet. I’ll be a little nervous in Sydney next month at nationals, and perhaps even on the weekend, but that will only be about self-criticism and expectations. I’ll be happy to be there again, and looking forward to doing the best I can at the time, putting all the hard work to the test.

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