Wednesday, 26 March 2008

State Masters Titles

The online entry lists aren’t up to date but the numbers entered for State Masters titles on the weekend are low – all the usual suspects only have entered. Numbers are good for the women in reality, as we have had a time when only 2 of us have raced. It’s a work in progress.

Coach noted that I’d not entered the sprint (well, I’m not a sprinter right??). When I thought about it, the sprint for the women is a bit of a joke – the 4 lap derby is too long to be a real sprint, but short enough to get away with not being called a scratch race. Why we do a flying 200 is beyond me – all it serves it prove we can ride along the rail at the top of the boards, and sets our place along the start line for the consequent derby ie not one on one, but up to 6 up racing for 4 laps.. So, with that in mind, I’ve entered, which means I am now walking the talk and doing all events – the more women entered the more it shows a demand by female racers to race organisers and officials. It’s something some of us have preached for a while ie just do it. I’ve just got to remember that 2nd lap in for the flying 200m I need to be winding it up high on the track for the entry on the bell – I always miscount!

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