Monday, 31 March 2008

Saturday Race Summary


I decided to be conservative and ride a 90.6, based on how I had responded to a bigger gear in training earlier the week. I felt a bit fatigued still, but hadn’t counted on 2 easy days in the saddle freshening my legs up as it did. Into the second lap, and I feel the disc wheel beginning to drive my legs, beauses they have run out of revs to keep the rpms up on the smaller gear. A bigger gear would have taken a smidge more time off, and I would have been able to hold it better. You learn. It was enough for silver, despite being 2 seconds slower than a year ago. Later I was asked if I was happy with my time. I wasn't happy with it, but I was satisfied.


Flying 200 was fun to do. I got lost during lap 2, forgetting where I was and realising at the last minute I should be climbing to the rail during turns 1 and 2. My line off the fence to the sprint line as not the best, but I wasn’t worried. It’s been at least 18months if not longer since I’ve done a proper flying 200. A very slow 14.8 seconds but I wasn’t bothered.

The derby was what the sprint was all about. Unfortunately I rode like a woosy nice girl which cost me dearly. As we rolled away, there was a hesitation in the group, then Ellen de Vries took off, grabbed the lead and began to head away from us. The others just sat there, so I lept around Shirley Amy and caught Ellen up. I left her out the front to tow me around, sitting her wheel while she kept flicking up and down the track in front of me. Coming around in the final lap, into corner 3 we were just below the blue line, me just off Ellen’s hip about a metre above her, maybe a bit less. Wendy Martin came up behind us, nudged her nose in between us, and instead of closing the door on her and holding my position, I moved up to allow her through: "Yes, of course you can have some space Wendy, come on through!" That lost me the race. As I backed off to settle in behind Ellen and Wendy, Shirley was ducking in underneath me, and called out for me to stay up. So I stayed up and also stopped any forward drive. That lost me a medal. I was pretty annoyed with myself afterwards, and am still trying to figure out why the hell I let Wendy through. Plain dumb. You learn I guess. Gotta get me one of those bitch racing brains.


BandidoChick said...

hehe! I 'Gotta get me one of those bitch racing brains' too chicky! After seeing I had a decent gap, I should have hammered it for those remaining four pissy laps (didn't know it was YOU on my wheel though dearie) but instead, I hesitated ... lesson learned here too ;-)

BandidoChick said...

BTW, thank you for including me in on your postrace summaries :-)