Monday, 31 March 2008

Quick Tally

and reports later..

500m TT Bronze on a time 2 seconds slower than last yr. Well, I am meant to be a pursuiter!
Sprint 4th cos I rode like a gumby
IP Bronze with a PB in the heats
Scratch Bronze but not without giving it a good hard crack that could have easily paid off.

More later on the above later.

Some stand outs:

*Alan Dudderidge looking fresher and healthier than last year and this is reflected in how comfortable he looks on the bike and his final medal tally - a swag of golds.

*Mike Goldie winning his first pursuit outing. We all knew he had it in him, he was just in denial for a while

*Jess Laws also proving that you can be good at many things and bagged gold in all her events, ie everything there was to race!

* Ellen De Vries PBing in the heat of the IP then ripping another 3 seconds off in her final

*Russell Collins' tenacity and capacity to hurt himself without hesitation.

*the people who came up to me to offer advice, support and congratulations on my racing. Thanks guys, I am paying attention to what you are saying, some of which was already noted and planned, and thanks for noticing! It makes a difference

* Newcomers - plenty of them, all having a red hot go, and some with great success

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