Friday, 28 March 2008

Pregnant men and smoking tortoises

And me a sprinter! These are today’s news items. Looking through the program for the weekend’s racing, for the first time ever I’ll be able to race some events in my own age category, rather than a combined category: we have 5 WMAS3s entered for the IP and Scratch race, 3 for the TT. The only event that is combined for medals is the Sprint, where the WMAS3/4/5+ are grouped together.

As I’ve mentioned before, our sprint is a bit of a joke, but this time even more so, as a lap has been added to the final derby to make it a 5 lap race. There are 5 of us racing, all 5 make it through to the final. Flying 200m seeds us up the banking for the start. If I keep smart, I could (should) medal. (I may be eating my words come Monday – don’t hold it against me!). That would be the highlight of the weekend – a sprint medal! And up there with pregnant men (only in the States) ,Chinese smoking tortoises, and a man raped by a wombat. Although, I think the wombat rape may be legitimate, as the victim did claim to being able to speak Australian after the fact, otherwise known as bullshit.

One event I won't be missing is the MAS3 sprint finals. Gary Niewand is racing, and that in itself will be something to see. His competition are no hacks with Stuart Vaughan and Paul Kennedy, both current World Masters Champs, taking the challenge to see who will be the craftiest rocket on the boards tomorrow.

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