Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Hunting easter eggs, er.. watts..

As of COB today, I have 4 days off work, bookended around the weekend, courtesy of Easter and some annual leave. Mr Legs and I are off to Boolarra for longer than the usual 48 hour flying visit we do. I am looking forward to sleeping in, quiet country roads to ride, and getting in some solid training without having to stress about fitting it in around work and other duties. It will be a mini training camp, with some of my favourite hills being measured under the powertap. I’ll be focusing on some long engine building efforts, some strength work and some sprint work – a mixed bag of assorted lollies to remind my body of what it’s meant to be good at (and myself as well!!) and what it should be better at. I think hill repeats up the 6kms of Foster Road Hill, sprinting over the top down onto Grand Ridge Road will do the trick. Or I can do laps of the 25km loop from my house that takes in the Foster Rd hill, Grand Ridge Road and Limonite Rd hills for a variety of hill lengths, steepnesses, and downhill runs for cadence work.

State Masters Titles are the following weekend, and I am not really sure how I’ll go. A month ago I would have said better than last year, but today, I am not so sure. A lot happens in a month…But I know I’ll be strong, courtesy of some good work last month and the Strezleckis over the Easter break. Checking the online entries, there are around 8 women entered, 7 for the 500m, to date. Entries close in 5 days so hopefully a few more (a lot more!!) will come on board. Admittedly 7 is better than the 2 we had entered in the 500m TT in 2006. But I sit here and ask myself the perennial: where are all the masters women? I know the answer, and know that it needs time, will take time, it’s a long slow road to steady development and sustainable growth.

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