Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Give me data!!!

For the last couple of weeks, Coach and I have been trying to figure out how to export csv files out of his ancient version of Poweragent (for Powertap) so I can load them into WKO+. At the moment I am losing 2 meat and potato sessions a week that would have a major influence on my performance manager chart (PMC), amongst others. Last night as I watched Coach download the file, I realised how to do it – save the file to a specified destination before loading it into Poweragent. It worked a treat and now I can load my ergo sessions into WKO+ for a more complete picture of my gains and training loads.

At the moment I am doing 10 minute speed endurance (well, cadence endurance really) efforts on the ergo. Give me a 30 second strength effort any day, even a 5minute effort. I break down the 10 minutes into the first 5 minutes (yeah no problem but getting difficult), next 2-3 minutes (start to hit struggle town as the energy pathways start to lose efficiency and the brain starts to get worried about it), last 2 minutes broken down into 1 minute efforts, because that’s the largest small unit I can cope with at that stage ie just one minute to get through, then another one, hanging on to the figures on the PT head, trying to not let them slip too far down the scale.

So today my PMC has changed to reflect the work I did yesterday, with last night’s session fattening out the Mean Maximal Power Curve, and the 2 sessions for the day dropping my training stress balance further into the negative. I am happy now the WKO+ more accurately reflects the training I’ve done, and provides more valid data about training loads.

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