Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns and Some Hills

My weekend in the hills is now a bit of a blur, as I focus on racing this weekend, getting equipment ready and final test runs on wheels, aero bars and against the stopwatch.

There really isn’t much to tell of the weekend, apart from going up seems to be easier (when I’m not tired!); going downhill at deliberately forced speed a few times over hurts the next day when chasing Mr Legs down the same hills; and head winds don’t seem to be a bother when you keep an eye on your wattage.

My only close encounter on the road was with a fox, chasing a feral cat. The cat lept full pelt onto the road, zipped across and into the bush on the other side. A few seconds later, a young fox followed suit, landing in the roadside ditch and about to launch itself onto the road, level with the middle of my front wheel. Had he not gotten tangled up in some blackberry in the ditch, he would have surely taken out my front wheel, so intent on the chase was Mr Fox. By the time the fox was free of the blackberry, I’d passed and he was behind me, across the road and into the bush in a blink.

We did the obligatory caretaking of the garden/house, slept in every day (no 4.30 am starts!), ate too many chocolate rabbits, and I ate some hot cross buns (I avoid bread usually), drank some nice wine, forgot about the world for a bit and finally found time to upgrade the firmware on my powertap, as well as do some reading on training and powermetering. I guess that’s what a holiday is all about. Now it’s back to a regulated life, taking care with what I eat, when I go to bed, getting up way too early to train before work, in preparation for States in a couple of days time.


hippy said...

Avoid bread?! Nooooo... really?

Lawrence said...

yep... not good for ya! all that refined stuff, yeasty bits, gluten etc. Increases acidity, decreases gut function, increases inflammation responses, decreases immune responses = not healthy athlete.

There are a few other carb sources I avoid most of the time (unless directly before or after training)and some foods because their (blood)acidity inducing properties. Been doing it for a while and I feel better for it.

hippy said...

Should I stop eating bread? What do you substitute with? Other than beer, of course.
Bloody 'ell I'd probably shrivel up and die, but it could be interesting to give up :)