Monday, 17 March 2008

Another high 30s day...

Sunday my mission was to ride to Glenvale Crits, ride the crit then take the scenic trip home. I managed most of it, despite the massive heat, incredibly hot and strong northerly headwind most of the way home, and some heat stress.

The ride down to Glenvale was mundane, with my legs whinging on some of the climbs, to the point where I was doubting my energy levels and strength to race. I met Mr Univac at Glenvale, and finally decided to race, particularly after some challenging words from Mike Eaddy, and the fact that, well, I was there! And I was really keen to get a power file from the race.

Racing was fun, apart from the boring bits (anything over 3 minutes and not on the track gets boring. Cutting laps of a 1km circuit is incredibly boring). I was happy with my cornering which is pretty average at the best of times, and usually results in me getting dropped pretty quickly. Yesterday it took a fair while before getting dropped, and was caused by a simple hesitation on corner two, alongside Springvale Rd. I hit 50 kph trying to get back on, but blew myself up instead, decided to roll a couple of laps and get back on when the bunch caught me up (which didn’t take that long. D grade kept in sight of B grade for a large part of the race).

I got back into the bunch without any hassles, but shortly after I did there was surge, and I was sucking wheel down the back. One of the marshals had a bit of a chat to me about cornering, giving me an excellent tip which worked a treat. A few more laps with the bunch and I was spent, and retired from the race. I haven’t raced Glenvale since last season, and it was much easier than I remembered, and definitely easier than Sandown. The only bad bit was being put in the gutter by B grade on corner one while rolling a lap. I said a few words which then got the rest of the bunch off me and back onto the road. They do know better than that. Looking at my PT file later, I hit some high wattage, HRs and speeds, so was pretty pleased with that.

After some socialising, and watching the end of the B grade race, Mr Univac and I headed towards home, deciding to ride back along Blackburn Rd to avoid the volume of traffic on Springvale. I was surprised at how little traffic there was on Blackburn, and we rode 2 abreast the whole way without incident. Maroondah Highways was a different story, with many drivers taking incredible offence at Mr Univac and I riding 2 abreast. I was stunned when cars still tried to squeeze past us. Plain stupid and ignorant.

The wind and heat were just as challenging as the mentality of the Maroondah motorists. On Blackburn Rd, we were down to 13kph up some hills and 15-16kph on the flat thanks to the head wind, which sucked all moisture out of us and the surrounding landscape. Stopping at traffic lights, the rising heat from the road was from the pits of hell, and it was a relief to get the green light and roll along again. I couldn’t believe how much the heat from the headwind, plus the force of the wind itself, was dragging from me. 5 km from home and I was on the pathway to ruin. If I had to ride another 30 minutes more than I did, I would have been a hospital case. I spent the afternoon cooling down, under the shower and in the in-law’s pool. I felt sorry for the poor buggers doing the Club Teams Champs at DISC yesterday. Apparently it was 40 degrees inside the JoeDrome, about what it was on the road home.


hippy said...

So, what was the cornering tip?

My mate sent me Mildura's forecast. It was on track to be the hottest day recorded in March. Not sure if they got it or not but it's a bit of a heatwave I hear. I'd gladly trade some of this cold wind and rain with you.

Lawrence said...

Yes, please send rain!!! My horse's paddock has no grass, and is growing bull dust instead...