Monday, 3 March 2008


for a pleasant Sunday morning ride.

Mr Univac, Madam Hour and I headed for the beach – Beach Road that is. We had a 100km mission, and it’s been a while since at least 2 of us have done 100km. That combined with coming off a crash and burn week, I was wondering how I would cope. Cope I did, and with ease. Around the 65km mark I began to get hungry, but after a fuel stop, I was back firing away again.

Early in the ride, heading up the hills of Springvale Rd around Glen Waverly, I hear a cry of “314 watts!” from behind me. I reply “240 watts” and Mr Univac is left rolling around, laughing at Madam Hour and I comparing watts, then cadence readings, as we discuss the nuances of our respective PTs. I keep getting some wildly inaccurate cadence readings off the hub (244 tops for Sunday), so will move to a crank-based reading once I get the appropriate bits and pieces. Interestingly, Coach’s PT on his ergo has decided to also offer up some wacky cadence readings lately, which makes it difficult when doing a cadence-based effort. Back to using the Cat-Eye on the ergo for those workouts.

Once we hit Beach Rd, the oestrogen flew a little, with Mdm Hr and I having a few face-offs up hill, making Mr Univac work a bit harder than I think he would have preferred. In the end he was happy to sit back and let the fluff fly. Both Mdm Hr and I were really testing out our recovery from respective rest weeks, derived from Type A personality paranoia about losing fitness and strength if one is not training full bore, and a bit under the weather. It’s interesting to watch the athlete in me, as the coach in me knows it’s bullocks, but the athletic ego does become paranoid, after all the hours and energy that is spent building fitness. Fortunately for my ego, I passed the test with legs whilst not fresh, are at least very functional. It's nice to be back on track..

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