Friday, 1 February 2008

Weekend Forecast: Sunny and Hills

The last few days have been spent recovering from the weekend: Friday’s ergo took more out of me than I expected (ie I’ve decided to skip any racing this week thanks to being bloody tired! I’ve also managed to avoid some scheduled early rises for the same reason.). Tuesday’s ergo felt better than Friday’s (wouldn’t be hard!) but no gains were made on numbers pumped out on Friday. Time to shake the body up with a change to the stressors inflicted. New program has arrived!

Planning the weekend’s riding over a couple of sms with Madam Hour has resulted in a very early start scheduled for Sunday for a Tour de Hills of Evil Intent aka Tour de Rural Industries aka Tour de F*&^%ing Undulations , with a return time that will get me to DISC to watch Day 2 of the Junior State Track titles. When I expressed some anxiety and trepidation about the ride (apparently Madam Lash is taking me up THAT hill) the tart reply referenced my current performance on the ergo. Actually, I am more worried about having to get up at 5 am on a Sunday! Secretly, I think Madam Hour is wanting to whip my butt just to remind me of the natural scheme of things, ie her superior strength and speed, and the consequences of eating cheesecake, as she is an abstainer – it’s been a while since we’ve been out on a ride together.

I am also concerned about THAT hill, only as I am not convinced that Madam Hour will 1) be able to get us to that spot accurately and in a timely manner, and 2) return us home from that spot accurately and in a timely manner. I may yet print out a map – Madam Hour is good with pictures. I also suspect I’ll be hammering up the hills to avoid some wisecracking snaps that will be resulting from this blog post.


asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Pfffft, its only because I became ever so slightly geographically embarrassed that I discovered THAT hill......and the skill of an Orienteer..a sport that I do truly excel to be able to nut out where you are when you clearly NOT where you thought you were!!!!!!!..of course in competition, asking the man at the garage is considered cheating

Lawrence said...

Isn't the key to finding out where you actually are recognising in the first place you are not where you think you are ;-P

If no one sees you asking the man at the garage, then it doesn't matter! Particularly if you are *only* buying a drink and making general chitchat as you do so.