Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Playing with WKO+

I have been playing with the demo/trial version of WKO+ (aka Cyclingpeaks) using my own PT files (all 2 of them) and Hippy’s files (all 2 of them). Apart from some irritating nuances with uploading files, it's looking like a pretty handy application. Already I am getting a good feel for how the Performance Manager in WKO+ works. It’s a really useful tool for tracking stress levels/responses in an athlete, and so will hopefully be an excellent tool for me to keep tabs on Hippy’s workloads as he prepares for some major cyclosportifs over the UK summer. Normally I wouldn’t blog about someone I am coaching, but I think in this context, Hippy won’t mind!

Hippy is working towards the Londres a Paris Cyclosportif in June. It’s about 200km per day, for 3 consecutive days. Ie massive! Cyclosportifs in the UK are quite competitive, so not only do we want Hippy to finish in a reasonable state, but we want him finishing with a reasonable performance as well. My problem with the Hipstar is his enthusiasm and exuberance for riding, and riding hard. Reining him in is going to be a challenge ie making sure he has plenty of recovery in amongst the volume and quality work. I imagine that with WKO+ I will at least be able to point to the yellow line of truth in the Performance Manager to support any recovery demands I make.

And of course, the same applies to me, but that’s not my problem, that’s Coach’s!

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hippy said...

hippy is a stinkin' attention wh0re! He won't mind :)

Besides, it'll save me trying to interpret and blog about my power output. :)

"his enthusiasm and exuberance for riding" awww shucks ;)