Friday, 15 February 2008

Ladies' Diamond Stakes

Tomorrow is the Ladies’ Diamond Stakes at Ararat. Usually they are part of the Christmas Carnivals, but due to some gaps in the calendar created by the loss of the Leongatha and Warragul Carnivals, they have shifted away from the Christmas time slot to a later date in the season.

The Ladies' Diamond is one of the richest wheelraces for women in Australia, and certainly tops the mark in Victoria. It’s a prestigious event and the quality of racing reflects this. Last year’s final was one of the better finishes I have seen at state level in women’s racing. I hate to say it, but sometimes watching women’s racing can be dull and dry, with the girls playing it safe instead of giving it a good hard crack. Funnily enough, when a $3K diamond ring is up for grabs, sentiments seem to change.

The field is big – 31 entries. I’ll be the oldest woman out there, and if I make it to the final, I’ll be stoked. I am expecting to be off limit again, with the hard task of being rabbit for as long as possible, then holding on to the finish whilst quietly imploding on paralysing acid build up in the quads. Hopefully I’ll have some other rabbits to work with, to help delay the inevitable and keep me in the race a bit longer.

The last couple of days I’ve been underdone and trying to avoid some bug that’s lurking around. Thanks to a ridiculous week of meetings, travel, work stress, lack of sleep, I haven’t been on the bike since Wednesday. It’s making me edgy and anxious missing training days, but I know if I had pushed through, I would end up off the bike at some other point later in the week. I haven’t raced for a couple of weeks, and haven’t been on the teschner in that time, so am feeling a little nervous as well, wondering if I will have any track legs for tomorrow. Best bet is to just go out and enjoy it! And.. I get to wear my new club kit which I picked up a couple of days ago!

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