Monday, 11 February 2008

1:20 Attempt 2

After crashing big time on Friday in the training stakes, I took the day off and recovered. I then rearranged my training on Saturday to include my precious ergo efforts (if I don’t do them, I go backwards – it’s true!) as well as some more kms to take me up to my set mileage for the day. The efforts were excellent – I hit target, which I probably wouldn’t have if I did them on Friday. Mr Legs and I then headed out on the Eastern bike path, taking in a loop of the Boulevard. Feeling good, I used the big chain ring to effect on parts of the uphills, which alleviated any residual doubt I had lurking from my sad effort up the 1:20 on Thursday.

Now that Madam Hour has outed me, I can confess that I picked up my shiny new PT wheel on Saturday night, beautifully built by Madam Hour’s younger son, who is a resident mechanic at the bike shop Spoken. I was keen to test it out on the 1:20 ride we had planned for Sunday, curious to see what kind of output I could manage up the Big Hill, and to help set a draft functional threshold power reading.

I don’t often ride with a HR monitor, unless I am doing specific HR workouts, but I put it on yesterday, to see how it would work in conjunction with the power readings. My max HR was 209, matched by a max cadence of 215, both of which were achieved going down the other side of the mountain. Needless to say, I’ve never seen my HR over 178, and it certainly wasn’t yesterday, particularly not going downhill. So there are some small issues of validity and reliability to be sorted out.

The ride up to the base of the Big Hill was fairly straightforward, until some old dude thought he really needed to be in front of our small group of four (we had passed him earlier rolling along the road). Normally I wouldn’t bother, but for some reason he really gave me the irrits. Turning onto Mountain Highway, I was on his wheel. I am sure he didn’t even know I was there. Halfway between Bayswater and Dorset Rds, I pulled out and blew him away. He made a feeble attempt to come along, but gave up pretty quickly. Yup, the training is working! Even the strong man in our group (no, not Mr Legs) had a hard task latching on to me.

At the base of the Big Hill, rolling along with Mr Legs, I decided to have a crack at the big chain ring – what the hell, and it would be fun to see the readout later. Unfortunately it meant I rode away from my beloved (note to self: don’t forget Valentine’s Day!) which I really hadn’t intended as I said I’d keep him company up the hill, and I figured I’d only be able to manage his speed on the big ring. Yup, seems like the training is working! I rode the hill faster than I did on Thursday (not hard to do!) and managed to pick up speed in the last 2 km without meaning to. My speed was similar to my regular small chain ring effort (which is average jo-blo speed for that climb). I rode by HR, normally I ride by “feel” ie perceived exertion (which means it's harder than what I did yesterday). Keeping it at threshold meant I felt “comfortable” with the effort, as comfortable as one can be at threshold ie I knew that I wasn’t going to blow up, and that I’d make it to the top without having to ditch the effort. The 53 x16 felt good, whereas the 53 x17 was too easy when I was sorting out a gear in the first couple of hundred metres. I was pretty pleased with myself when I got to Sassafras, but was also happy to roll along with Mr Legs to Olinda. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful, a few surges uphill to test the guys and keep them on their toes, and some max cadences and HRs, the likes of which I’ve never seen before (see above).

Now I just have to get my head around the software, and start to collect more data so I can post pretty graphs.


hippy said...

"My max HR was 209, matched by a max cadence of 215"

What?! No fair!! I demand a recount!

So, what was your time up 1:20? Go on, cough it up..

Lawrence said...

Read the post again - it's in there ;-). Hard data?? that's like asking how old a person is, or asking a female masters athlete what she weighs. Here's a story: Coach and Mini Me Coach were setting up my details on the PT software some time back. They had been discussing my weight, narrowing it down to about 50Kg or so. When I came into the room, they asked and I told. The response: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So then a little discussion occured about what they thought and what was my actual weight. They really didn't want to go there! Very funny though. Nice to think I look slimmer than the number on the scales hehe. It's all muscle of course.

hippy said... is basically a collection of 'hippy is fat' jokes. There's no hiding 90kg+!